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The name TRUE, in the name of the church, is an Umbrella acronym identifying the four ministries of the church. "T" stands for the teaching ministry designed for those within the body of Christ. "R" stands for the main emphasis or thrust of this ministry, which is outreach/evangelism to seek and reach the lost for the cause of Christ. "U" stands for Uniting the universal body (believers) of Christ across racial and denominational lines for there is one Lord, one faith and one baptism. "E" stands for Enriching the entire community by accepting our God-designated roles as salt and light. As "salt" we are called to preserve the endearing entities of our communities while irritating those societal dreds by our mere presence and through our resolve and commitment to uplift the name of JESUS. As "light" we are anointed, appointed and positioned by God to illuminate by reflecting the glory of Christ so as to dispel darkness and display a beacon of hope to a dimly lit world filled with sin.

"The THOP Story"

In the Fall of 1997, the Lord placed in the heart and spirit of Elder Saul Eady, Jr. the idea of formulating TRUE Ministries." This new idea was initially believed to foster a more readily structured ministerial effort at the church he and his wife was currently attending and serving, the Tabernacle of Faith COGIC, under the leadership of the late Bishop H. Jenkins Bell.

It soon became apparent that the Lord had a different purpose and plan for TRUE Ministries." Later in that same year the Lord placed the pastoral call on Elder Eady's heart and in January of 1998 Elder Eady and his wife Sister Trenece Eady began having Bible study in their home and at various sites around the Middle Tennessee area. The Lord began moving in a mighty way. Miraculously, burdens began being lifted, countless individuals became empowered, and many were saved, restored and blessed through the ministerial efforts of this servant and handmaiden of God.

After much fasting and praying before the Lord along with invaluable counsel from various respected men and women of God, Elder Eady felt ready to answer and accept the awesome and humbling pastoral call from the Lord. After considering many names to capture the essence of the ministerial effort that the Lord had deposited in him, the Lord placed the name TRUE(Teaching the saints, Reaching the Lost, Uniting the body of Chirst, and Enriching the community) House of Praise {THOP}in his spirit and thus was the TRUE House of Praise name ignited. Additionally, the Lord placed in the spirit of Pastor Eady our Church's motto: "Ascension by Extension," which highlights the two great commandments: to love the Lord with all thy heart, mind, body, soul and strength and equally love our neighbours as thyself. It is this understanding that created our ministry's action motto theme: Ascending to God by Extending to man (humanity). TOGETHER EACH ONE CAN REACH ONE!!!

In October of 1998 a site was located and plans were underway to begin services on the First Sunday in January but due to circumstances beyond our control, stemming from age old prejudices and racial unrest, the site fell through one week prior to the scheduled date of opening, which on the surface seemed to throw a wrench in the plans but Elder Eady maintained and encouraged all to remember that all was not lost, for it was the will of God that THOP begin as God had ordained and stated and God would not allow His word to return void. The next few days were taxing but the Lord had a plan and HE miraculously opened the doors of the The Woodbine Community Center and THOP had it first official full service on the First Sunday in January of 1999, as ordained by God.

The TRUE House of Praise, which was started as a Bible Study in the living room of Founder and Pastor Saul Eady, Jr. in 1998 has become a growing ministry in the heart of Music CIty U.S.A. God continues to show His favor on this ministry. In 1998, the Lord opened up the door for the ministry to have a weekly telecast which it yet maintains entitled, "THE PRAISE REPORT," and it can be seen each Sunday morning at 8:00 A.M. on Nashville's Cable Access Channel 19. Additionally, since opening its doors in the Woodbine Community Center, God has paved the way for  TRUE House of Praise to purchase it's current worship locatation at 202 Chilton Street--Nashville, TN.

THOP is also blessed with a quality catering ministry--THE PRAISE CAFE', which has developed quite an outstanding reputation in the Middle Tennessee Area. THOP is confident that this is just the beginning of what God wants to do through TRUE House of Praise. Our arms are never too tired to extend a special invitation to you to join us in our ministerial endeavors or to lend a helping hand to those in th their time of need.


The Official Seal of the TRUE House of Praise, COGIC visually represents the organizational and spiritual foundation of this ministry.  Each element is significant to the ministry.   The Shofar or trumpet is an ancient instrument revered in biblical times and it denotes our mandate to praise God as a means of ushering in His presence that worship can be actuated.  The Dove represents the third person of the Godhead--The Holy Ghost who is our Comforter and Keeper. The Cross represents the altar wherein the Perfect Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, was offered for the redemption of humanity.  The Seal of the COGIC is present to denote out connectivity with our legacy/history and that which empowers us in the system of man. The Name TRUE House of Praise is the God-breathed label for this ministry which is centered around T. for teaching, R. for reaching, U. for uniting and E. for enriching. The Motto inscribed near the bottom denotes our mandate fo "Ascending to God by Extending to humanity. " The Circular shape of the seal denotes our role in the promulgation and  continuation of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world through his body and bride, the Church to spread the word.

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